Sunday, July 9, 2017

Amazing Sunset

July 7th, 2017 sunset over Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, USA.

(click for bigger version)

While taking these pictures, I wished so much to be able to ask the driver to stop the vehicle so I could take some better photos... unfortunately we were on Route 81 and not many safe places to do this. These are the results of taking pictures out of the window of a moving vehicle. They could have been better if I could have stopped and framed each one's composition in the viewfinder... but they still capture the awe and beauty that was before me, just waiting to be captured by my camera and then shared with all of you.

I am but a vessel, a vehicle to be used by Nature, to get beauty to those who may not always have the opportunity to get out and see it themselves with their own eyes... perhaps they are sick in bed and cannot go out at all, perhaps they work long hours to support their families and don't get out at times things like this happen... perhaps they just simply do not realize what they are missing out on and haven't yet taken the time to look around... all my photos are for them and all of you, everyone and anyone who appreciates something about them. Not everyone will get the same thing out of looking at each one... but everyone can get *something* that matters *to them*. All I ask is that you stop, look, and if you share, just please credit Monica A Lunn (copyright) for using them. I do not ask for financial compensation for the use of the photos on my blog... only that you credit me for seeing them in the first place and putting my energy into taking the shot and sharing it online. Perhaps one day I could make a few dollars exploring my passion, but right now that's not the case, and I still want my pictures shared, not forgotten.

Thank you for every single click, for every single comment, for every single share, for every single credit back to me. Thank you for sharing the story of my life with my pictures.


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