Sunday, January 16, 2011

Join Rats Website is showing my Oliver!

Gwen from JoinRats happened to notice a picture I had taken of our own Oliver yawning, and because of this lucky shot, he is now on her wonderful and informative website!  This moment, right after naptime, was captured just as he was in mid yawn and happened to loll his tongue out, getting a perfect glimpse into his little mouth (thankfully I wasn't taking pictures with my camera phone or it would have been all burry!  lol) and you can see in extraordinary detail his healthy teeth, tongue, and flaps in his mouth.  Please take a moment to go over there and "like" the picture on her website to let her know you all are looking!  Thanks!!!

He is in the anatomy section (under Rat Health) of the website  :-)

I'm so happy to see a member of our own family on such a great and accurate website.  Thanks, Gwen!

**originally shown on the web on this blog on January 11, 2011.


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